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June 19, 2019

The homeless state of emergency in Los Angeles has brought out City to its knees!

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is the most ineffective Mayor this city has ever seen! Mayor Eric Garcetti, you are finished being L.A.’s slumlord and death camp leader! The citizens of Los Angeles WILL NOT lower their standards to enable you to destroy the city and the public health.

I am here to ask the citizens of Los Angeles, are you better off now than you were 6 years ago?

In the past six years there’s been a 75% increase in homelessness in Los Angeles. The City of Los Angeles’s is failing to prevent homelessness, where for every 133 people housed, another 155 become homeless. - Eric Garcetti has FAILED to prevent homelessness!

Because of Garcetti’s FAILED leadership, becoming homeless in Los Angeles has become a death sentence for many! The L.A. County Coroner reported more than 3,600 people have died on the streets of Los Angeles in the past five years. In 2018, 918 people died. The rate for homeless women dying on the street has more than doubled.

16,000 people are living in his or her car. Where is the transitional housing?

Eric Garcetti has FAILED to prevent drug addiction by enabling the mentally ill and drug addicted, forcing them into conditions where they have to live and die on the streets of Los Angeles. These third-world conditions pose a threat to all of the public health! Where are the resources to treat the addicted and mentally ill?

Eric Garcetti has FAILED by not completing one unit with the $1.2 billion bond money allocated by voters through measure HHH. Where is this this money going and how is it being spent?

It is time to recall the Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti for his inaction on homelessness in Los Angeles. Mayor Garcetti, it is time you accept your FAILURE and step down! Your best is not good enough!

We demand you step down before the citizens of Los Angeles remove you with this recall! We have had enough!



  1. He takes NO responsibility. Instead says "We must do more. As if he has done anything of recognition. A recall might pop that bubble he lives in.

    1. I think we need to march on his office and in front of his home! If he needs ideas on how to solve this problem, we can give him some!

    2. Hes just like his dad. His dad got pushed out of office because of his lack of leadership during his tenure as district attorney. He unfairly was applying the 3 strike law Steve Cooley ran him off. He has no heart. Father like son. Recall Garcetti Now!

  2. My gosh..finally..need to join this group. I have been very open.and publicly making comments that Garcetti
    He needs to get out since he quadrupled or more...

  3. You are awesome! Bye bye eric

  4. Garcetti (and every other politician) needs to walk the streets where the homeless live for one day. The problem would be fixed faster than the blink of an eye! There is SO much that can be done NOW!

  5. Garcetti, uses tax payer money to go all over the World! It has done nothing for LA and all the problems with outrageous homeless population. They are enabling them with no consequences. Those who are mentally incompetent,strung out on drugs, deficating where ever they want,filth, disease etc.

  6. I suggest you proof read your "Statement to Recall..." the mayor.

  7. Every time a liberal votes for a democrat this is the result! It isn't just Garcetti, it is the liberal/progressive mentality!

    As a native Los Angelian, I NEVER saw the mess we all now live in! Why, you might ask...

    Los Angeles was conservative and along with this comes an inherent moral structure including self-reliance, dependence on God, personal responsibility, quietly helping the less fortunate, and the understanding that TALKING about helping the poor and then throwing money at the issue is a futile solution destined for failure!

    Lord please open the eyes and brains of the lost and deluded who think liberal views have any validity in Your world!

    1. Amen! Now, can we also recall Gavin Newsom, Natzi Pelosi and Diane Feinstein?? The whole lot! Let's do this!!

  8. It's not a partisan issue. It's a moral issue. What would Jesus do?
    Please pray on that!

  9. Jesus was the epitome of a liberal. Show me one conservative thing He said or did?

  10. How do I sign? There is no easy way to do that from your phone. If you made it more upfront and easy from an iPhone you may get more signatures

  11. Also 30 percent of public housing occupants are illegal immigrants. That is probably why there is shortage of affordable housing in LA. So many elderly persons are homeless because they cannot get into low income senior housing. Under current law as long as there is one family member that is legal out of for instance 5 illegal member household, they qualify for affordable housing. Ben Carson from HUD is trying to prevent illegal.immigrants from occupying affordable housing. He is saying that all members of the household must be legal. This proposal is up for public comments through the LAHSA fact sheet on 2nd page by July. I attched the fact sheet. They are accepting public comments until July on this new proposal by HUD.

  12. That's good am homeless and i been take care for older people by frw the 101 i seen 6 people dead by the 101 frw and i call cops is very bad and is goin to get worst he need come and see what goin on street talk to people is like said if i running for office i will tell people if i not doin good just recall me just like that the rent so high i hope take him out.

  13. Stop voting for someone because they are a Democrat.
    Vote for someone based on competence no matter what their party affiliation.
    Garcetti should never have been elected in the first place.
    He is truly a complete failure.

    George Vreeland Hill


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