Friday, January 24, 2020


As you know, more than 151,278 people are homeless in the State of California because elected officials have been missing in action on this issue for 20 years. Given all the work we have done to highlight the serious crisis on homelessness in Los Angeles, where since 2013, at least 5,700 people have died and more than 59,000 are homeless, this message to HUD Secretary Ben Carson is a testament to the hundreds of thousands of people who have called out the Mayor of Los Angeles and the Governor of California, as well as other City leaders, for failing to address the crisis. While the impeachment proceedings against the President has stalled out our effort to recall the Mayor of Los Angeles, I am proud to have been able to do everything I personally can to answer the call and raise awareness on this issue. 

Our Recall Committee will remain active, however, our current effort ends on February 6th and it is unlikely we will be submitting a petition to the City as we do not have the signature count needed to get a certified recall by February 6th. However, we will take this effort to the very last day to honor those who struggle to find help, especially our veterans, and we will keep exposing this crisis until it is resolved. The Mayor of Los Angeles has 17 months left in office, therefore, it is important we remain vigilant and demand for the new Mayoral Administration of Los Angeles to make the issue of homelessness a top priority with A PLAN. Anything else will not be acceptable. 

As for me, I will be submitting our committee reports to the City and will continue to comment on this issue and help build consensus where I can. Thank you to everyone who supports this effort by gathering signatures, giving voice and donating what you could. We did a lot with very little and are getting the federal help we so desperately need. Together we have shown saving the people of Los Angeles is a worthwhile effort. Los Angeles and the State of California is our home. A home worth having and a home worth saving.

​- Alexandra Datig

The Governor of California admits "State no where to be found on the (expletive) issue of homelessness" for past 20 years. Worse in the past 10. FYI - In 2018, CA had 200 cities and counties declare a shelter space emergency. In L.A. more than 5,700 have died since 2013. (January 13, 2020 News Conference, Riverside, CA)

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