Saturday, October 26, 2019

FPI: 500,000 Homeless in America is Proof Local Leaders Are Tone Deaf on Emergency Management

Alex talks about how partisan politics get in the way of solving real problems and how Democrats are damaging their own cities because of it. Los Angeles is the main case in point. An evolving pattern of failed management at the top is to blame for the homeless crisis and drug epidemic. A scam for homeless housing with tax payer dollars exposes Proposition HHH as a bait and switch on the people, unlike any in the history of the City of Los Angeles. A contrast between former Mayor Richard Riordan and the City of Los Angeles, shows glaring failures in emergency management with the current mayoral administration.

Referenced source material: Richard Riordan: The Mayor: How I Turned Around Los Angeles after Riots, an Earthquake and the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial

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